‘It was a safe space to share the issues and events that have occurred during my Dad’s last stages in the battle with Cancer.

You showed empathy and kept me focused by teaching me techniques such as writing my thoughts and feelings down.

I’m so lucky to have this opportunity of counselling, thank you.’


‘Wonderful support and understanding and without the weekly ‘chat’, I probably would not have made it this far!’

Student Client:

‘When I talk to others (peers at college is my main focus here) I realise how far I have come and continue to do so. The counselling is slowly building me and repairing me to be the person I was meant to be. Experiencing this and feeling growth is amazing and this I couldn’t have done without your skills, warmth and your genuineness. I felt the love and support, Thank you’ 

Anxiety and Depression/Trauma Counselling and Workshop

I had been waiting patiently for a few months BUT it was the perfect timing and 100% worth the wait. Thank you.

My brain has been conditioned from a young age and I am learning NOT to let the triggers take me over. I pay more attention to my inner child. Thank you.

I am ETERNALLY grateful for the amazing resources and materials you have provided. Julie you are AMAZING. *****

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I am a person centred counsellor and I am a service provider for Live Well Kent, I run Living in the Moment Workshops and I also do one to one counselling. I specialise in self awareness which supports people in creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves. My approach is encouraging clients to believe in themselves and reach their potential.