RW – (Client) Feb, 2023

When people seek help, one of the primary reasons is to find a safe space in which to feel supported. Often this is quite limiting, 6-8 sessions is usually the norm before the individual is sent on their way to use the tools given. This may be enough for some people, but for others with deep seated mental health issues, whether this be trauma, grief or such like this time can feel a drop in the ocean. Julie Rogers provides a therapeutic system that takes the healing journey to a much more in-depth level that is much more person centred, expansive and invaluable to those who go through it.

Julie’s system has really resonated with me. The individual counselling felt like a journey we took together, in which her gentle guidance and support created a healing foundation on which I was able to express myself and explore my history in a safe space.

We then moved on to the Living in the Moment course, this brought several people together who shared relatable stories in which we were able to support each other, while being guided by Julie’s vast knowledge and experience in the field. Her team of volunteer’s gave invaluable insights, having gone through the process themselves and sharing their own experiences. We were able to learn new techniques, explore different perspectives and feel less isolated.

Once this was completed we became part of a peer support group. The whole experience has been a unifying , healing process. The groups was monitored by herself and her team, and has been a way for us to offload the difficulties we experienced during the week., which has been amazing in bringing everything together so that we are able to support each other using everything we have learned and put into practice.

I highly recommend being part of Julie’s process to healing, I am grateful to have met her and feel i have gained so much from it all.

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I am a person centred counsellor and I am a service provider for Live Well Kent, I run Living in the Moment Workshops and I also do one to one counselling. I specialise in self awareness which supports people in creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves. My approach is encouraging clients to believe in themselves and reach their potential.