AB – Bereavement and Loss Counselling – Remote (Medway)

Can you tell me if and how my counselling has helped you?

Yes it has, It has been a different type of counselling than I have been used to. I feel free and you are the first person to move me forward. You have lit the fire in myself. It has been amazing, I appreciate you.

What did you find helpful from our counselling sessions?

My journal, it helps me let go of my feelings and think about my behaviour, it practically helps me.

You pulled me out of a dark place.

Can you say what you have learnt about yourself?

I deserve so much more than I was giving myself, you helped me see this.

I have learnt to stop running from my inner child.

I feel braver and I genuinely feel I can have depression without beating myself up, it’s ok not to be ok at times.

I am much more self aware of my process, especially around my inner child and it liberates me.

I have stopped hurting myself and pulling my hair out, the writing replaces me hurting myself.

I am worthy.

Self care is important.

I am appreciative of the little things and to be grateful.

Anything else about my service, good or bad?

I have never had anything bad, I love how you have listened and feel you have found your calling, this is what you are meant to do. Thank you.

Published by julierogerscs

I am a person centred counsellor and I am a service provider for Live Well Kent, I run Living in the Moment Workshops and I also do one to one counselling. I specialise in self awareness which supports people in creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves. My approach is encouraging clients to believe in themselves and reach their potential.