“Living in the Moment”

I can offer something quite revolutionary to people who want to live a healthier, balanced lifestyle. It is something that could enhance anyone’s life, but we are so distracted by our everyday struggles that we have no time for our own inner potential for love and joy in living.

Living in the present moment can be an opportunity to live life more fully aware, experiencing more love, trust, joy and peace of mind. The way to this is quite simple – experiencing ourselves in the moment…. rather than being distracted by the worries and duties that commit us to tomorrow. Accepting ourselves in the moment…. rather than the continuous struggle against negativity and the compulsion for improvement of ourselves and our lives.

How much we do of this is a personal decision for all of us, but I believe we should all devote at least a few hours a week to experiencing the joy of this present moment. The benefits come in increased energy and ability to be affective in our relationships and work.

It is a paradox – The best way to improve ourselves and our lives is dropping the struggle to do this, and to allow acceptance in the moment.

The surfacing of repressed feelings and emotion is one of the barriers that most people come across when moving into their “Here and Now” experiencing. Accepting, sharing and expressing these feelings and emotions is part and parcel of healing, being more energised, being more capable.

It helps to spend regular time with someone who has already had this inner revolution happen in their lives.

I can offer support to whomever is interested in developing self acceptance and experiencing themselves in the present moment…

I always encourage clients to believe in themselves and empower them to reach their potential. I specialise in the following:

  • Person Centred Counselling
  • NLP and body work
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Living in the Moment Workshops
  • Teaches Self Awareness – learning about learnt behaviour and patterns of survival
  • Working with low self esteem
  • Holistic colour therapy
  • Bereavement and Loss Counselling
  • End of Life Counselling and encouraging clients to Live in the Moment
  • People who lose a loved one to suicide
  • Bereavement workshops
  • Art Therapy
  • Anger management
  • PTSD
  • Trauma from Childhood
  • Working with healing the inner child 
  • Working with people with learning disabilities
  • Working with children through creative art therapy
  • Supporting parents with special needs children, helping them to achieve their aims and goals
  • Bullying and harassment therapy
  • Supervision


Bereavement process:

The Nine Stages of Grief

Service Provider for Shaw Trust


‘It was a safe space to share the issues and events that have occurred during my Dad’s last stages in the battle with Cancer.

You showed empathy and kept me focused by teaching me techniques such as writing my thoughts and feelings down.

I’m so lucky to have this opportunity of counselling, thank you.’


‘Wonderful support and understanding and without the weekly ‘chat’, I probably would not have made it this far!’

Student Client:

‘When I talk to others (peers at college is my main focus here) I realise how far I have come and continue to do so. The counselling is slowly building me and repairing me to be the person I was meant to be. Experiencing this and feeling growth is amazing and this I couldn’t have done without your skills, warmth and your genuineness. I felt the love and support, Thank you’ 



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